Doppel CD American Line Dancing

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 The Nashville Riders


36 gesungene Linedances mit vielen Ohrwürmern finden Sie auf dieser Doppel CD vereint.


Boot Scootin' Boogie
Mercury Blues
My Baby Loves Me
Achy Breaky Heart
Love's Gotta Hold On You
Hillbilly Rock / Hillbilly Roll
Black Coffee
On Step Forward
Dream Baby
He Thinks He'll Keep Her
Cherokee Boogie
Guitars And Cadillacs
Ancient History
The Bug
When Will I Be Loved
Passionate Kissed
Honky Tonk Blues
Wild One
One More Last Chance
I Like I Love It
Cotton Eye Joe
Swamp Thing
Little Miss Honky Tonk
Third Rock From The Sun
I Try To Think About Elvis
Whose Bed Have
XXX's & OOO's
God Blessed Texas
Old Pop In An Oak
Texas Cowboys
I Want MY Goodbye Back
Gonna Get A Life
Mi Vida Loca
Third Rate Romance

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