CD Tanzgala 2011

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Orchester Ambros Seelos



Reach Out I'll be There (Discofox 34 TM)

Satellite (Jive 44 TM)

Waka Waka (Samba 52 TM)

Knock There Times (Cha Cha 32 TM)

See You Later Alligator (Rock'n Roll 46 TM)

The Peanut Vendor (Fox 50 TM)

When I need you (Slow Waltz 30 TM)

I am What I Am (Tango 32 TM)

That's Amore (Wiener Walzer 60 TM)

Only You (Blues 23 TM)

The House of The Rising Sun (Jive 46 TM)

Clair (Slow Fox 30 TM)

Moon River (Slowfox 30 TM)

If You Leave Me Now (Rumba 26 TM)

Peter Gunn (Beat 30 TM)

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