Doppel CD Line and Squaredance

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 performed by the American Line Dance Company


41 fetzige Titel für Linedance auf einer Doppel CD zusammengefasst.


I Wanna Watch You Dance All Night
When You Go Dancin ... Better Watch You
He Ain’t Mr. Right
Turnin Up The Heat
Toe Tappin Country Man
Rock The Boat
I Don’t Live In Paradise
Whats Your Name
Goodbye Hit Me Right In The Heart
Double Bogey Blues
You Should Have Thought About Her
Don’t Call Me
You Ring My Bell
Black Coffee
Boot Scootin Boogie
Achy Breaky Heart
Cotton Eye -- The Boys And Me
Girls With Guitars
Talk Dirty To Me
Don’t Step Out Of Line
Thats What I Get For Losing You
Cowboy Reggae
Swamp Thing
Back On The Streets
Soft Touch
Xxx S Ooo S (An American Girl)
Cotton Eyed Joe
The Deadwood Stage
Line King
Nobody Wins
Angel Of The Night
Any Man Of Mine
Fast Fingers Freddie
Meet Me On The Corner
Wrong Train, Wrong Line
Time Won’t Let Me Slow Down
When You Walk In The Room
Duelling Banjos

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